Our History

The story begins in 2012 when our family decided to make an exceptional holiday to celebrate important events.

For this first experience in Guadeloupe, she had chosen to flee the tourist area and the large hotel resorts, to stay the opposite, in a villa on the Leeward Coast. This choice allowed us to discover a more crude and natural aspect of Guadeloupe and to rub shoulders with its welcoming and eclectic population.

Welcomed as it should with a glass of ti’punch, our first vision of this island was a magnificent sunset over the Caribbean Sea. It was too late. We were conquered and in love.

During our holidays in Gwada, we discovered its deserted sandy beaches, its forest or rather its jungle, its volcano and more importantly its rhumeries. We dived, swam, market, tanned and especially enjoyed the tranquility and the disconnection with the Metropolis.

We met many people, all very different and colorful. And each of us tell his story, his life, the good plans. Whether they are premises or old subways, they all have an anecdote, a little story and above all a personal recipe of punch or rum arranged to share!

A few weeks after this first trip, our project was born. It has been concretized with this villa that we propose for rent and whose incredible view of the sea will only convince you that this island is unique and that the time (yours) will be suspended during your stay.

The name of our rental comes from the unlikely imagination of 2 of the owners. Do not ask us the why of how, but this name has imposed itself. Today, when we are on the island, and we use it, everyone smiles and enjoys it.

We hope that you will have the opportunity, like us, to write a piece of your story on this island and that you will love it as much as we do.